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Career Changes

Career Change

When I was younger I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up. I remember friends and other classmates having a very clear idea. But I was stumped. My mum had had me and my sister quite young. She had juggled motherhood with a career and training seemingly effortlessly to a young girl of my (then) age. Looking back we spent days in our dads van while he was a self employed joiner. My sister and I enjoyed many a dinner prepared by his hands. Mum kept herself busy either by working or cleaning up after us.  I remember her sewing and knitting quite a lot in those days too. She seemed to excel at anything she tried her hand at and it was only natural that I would aspire to be like her.

I picked my GCSE subjects carefully.  Illness hindered my studies a little at the beginning of my GCSE year but I came out the other end with pretty good results. Unfortunately looking back, I was adamant that staying on for sixth form wasn’t for me. So I went to the local college to take a course in business studies. After that my life seemed to naturally progress from job to job and I ended up working for a local council in recycling. The thought of a career change at this stage was nowhere only horizon.


I must admit that I did love my job in recycling. That is truly half the battle in this crazy old world but I didn’t feel challenged nor did I feel complete. So I made a massive decision to retrain. I seen a course advertised for hairdressing and beauty therapy and bit the bullet by signing up.

And I love it. My aim is to one day open my own salon. I have many ideas that I think will set me apart from the rest but for now I’m happy to be training and imagining where I will be in the next few years.

It’s a work in progress but I do feel like while I am sliding down the slippery slope to the big 4-0 that I should be happy and living my life to the fullest extent that I can.

So to anyone who is having any doubts about their future of if they are heading in the right direction then my advice is to go for it! After all what have you got to lose for trying?


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