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Hello …. I’m Back

I’m back!

So you may have noticed I’ve been a little MIA of late.

I decided that if I wanted to take the blog forward and properly I should invest in it properly.

This involved masses (and I mean masses!!) of technical jargon and processes that to be honest I still don’t understand.

The break also gave me some time to focus on the direction I want my blog to take. I also spent some time with friends and family. Blogging can be lonely sometimes when you go deep into your bubble.

I am forever closing myself away as part of my anxiety which can make it harder to take that priest step back out into the world.


It has cause me hours of sleepless nights and heaps of worry in case I lost everything I had worked on to date.

HOWEVER it’s now live! So I’m back!

The post is here explaining everything.

I have a new and improved blog that I am super excited to share with you and hopefully going forward I will be able to continue to share all the amazing things that lifewithchristine has in store.


Thanks for your kind messages and hope you enjoy the facelift!

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