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Jabba is our family dog. He is a cross between a pug and a jack russell (jug)

Originally Jabba was bought for my daughter when she passed her GCSEs but as time has went on he has became my little partner in crime. I always swore I wouldn’t become one of those people who had no boundaries with their dog and then Jabba arrived and all notions of that went out the window.¬†

He gets into everywhere and loves nothing ¬†more than lying up on my belly when I’m chilling on the couch. Yes I am that person who lets their dog sleep with them! Actually he loves to stand up on my back and peer out the window! What an idiot!

Jabba evens stays in the caravan with us and travels in the car. He has taken to the road quite well but he does cast quite a bit – does anyone have any tips for this? Another point has anyone went through the process for pet passport? Are they hard to obtain?

Support Dog

I find Jabba to be so supportive when I’m feeling unwell. He cuddles up to me and I find it therapeutic stroking him and talking to him. Plus I suppose it helps to take my mind off / distract me from my pain and discomfort. I have also hard that cats are great therapy animals too.

I guess he is my baby these days as the kids are growing up. Do you have a fur baby?

Christine x

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