Reading books

Reading Books

As a child I was an avid reader and was forever reading books. I was several years above my reading group and I spent hours with my head buried in a book. My fondest memories of childhood are my father asking me to read him and my sister bedtime stories.

That love of reading carried on into my teenage and my adult years. However as technology changed and ebooks became the norm, I continued to love the feel and smell of a novel. I couldn’t feel engrossed in a digital book and to this day have never managed to finish one. There is something too “tech-y” about it.



I love Irish authors especially Patricia Scanlan or Maeve Binchy and I find they are my go-to books when I need to relax and unwind. There is something homely and comforting about the Irish writers which make me feel warm and cosy inside. It’s like a drink of tomato soup for the soul.

In recent times I have also found myself reaching for travel books and inflight magazines. They feed and nourish my love of travel and give me the inspiration of planning my next trip.

I am still looking for the perfect travel journal where I can plan trips and although I’ve looked at many I’ve still to find the right one for me.

Travel journals are linked here if you want a nosey.

Ipad Nanny

But back to the books it truly amazes Me how many children these days are entertained by the iPad nanny. Where did the days of book reading go? TV and apps have become the go-to for us when educating or amusing our children. Many children leave school unable to write proper sentences as “text talk” has become their first language.

I’m all for technology and our house is coming down with iPad, laptop, Xbox etc as well as TV and sky. I do think that we need to have a certain grasp on these as more and more becomes accessible to us through these channels. Newspapers are being replaced by apps and instead of seeing morning commuters flapping with newspapers, we see people scrolling though their phones searching for the news, social media updates or even the weather forecast.

But for me nothing can replace the feel of a book in your hands. Flicking through the pages of printed text not knowing what is on the next page. Sometimes I can’t put it down and spend way into the wee small hours squinting at the words to find out the end of the story. I’m a bookworm and I’m happy to stay one.

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