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Saving money Series: Part 1 – Nails

So I have been asked several times lately about how I manage to afford to do all these great and wonderful things that I get up to.

The answer is in short that it is tough so I thought that I would pop together a little series of blog posts on saving money. I am also including how to keep up with the latest trends while not hurting your wallet too much!

So part one brings me to: NAILS


Everywhere you look these days there are ladies running around with perfect manicured nails that have cost £25 and upwards at the local salon and only seem to last 3/4 weeks. Well that can easily run to £433 or £325 a year!

That is the cost of a week in the sun for us!

So I made a small investment in a nail lamp set from Amazon – linked here.

The set includes the lamp, base coat and top coat and depending on what offer is on you can even get some nail colours included to start.

Expert opinion

Now I am by no means an expert but with colours for this starting at as little as a couple of £ then its a no brainer as far as I am concerned!

Youtube provides lots of tutorial on how to create gel nails at home. You can even hire books on nail art from the local library and get a friend to help! This could reduce the cost even more if you and a friend invest together.

A small initial investment can lead to lovely nails all year round and more!

I recently also purchased a set of nail colours for less than a tenner using a 10% off code for 6 different shades of pink! Linked here.

Its very easy to make small changes and if giving up your monthly manicure isn’t for you then why not try to cut it down to every other month and paint over the top of your nails to prolong them as much as possible?

You would still see saving in excess of £150 per year!

Until next time.







Note: I am not a qualified nail technician and you should seek advice if unsure before commencing any treatment.



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