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Ten things about me

Ten Things about Me

These are my ten things.

When I’m busy spending my five million hours a week reading about other people lives, flicking through Instagram, Facebook or general web surfing, I become immersed down a rabbit hole of people and their lives.

I like it. I like that little window in others lives and I think that in this age of social media we tend to become more private yet selectively public. Its completely fascinating to me and I like to think that each of us are starring in our own little soap called ‘life’.

I wanted to start my blog with a little glimpse into me and who I am. Its probably the cheesiest way but I thought that 10 facts about me would be a good taster and hopefully keep you reading and following me for more.

So here goes….

I am a Pisces

1. My birthday is in March. This makes me a pisces. I am not a strong swimmer but I do like being in the water. I own a hot tub which is currently residing in my attic waiting for a peep of sunshine. Like I will have it out at the first ray of sun this year!!


2. I have two tattoos. The first one is on my lower back and was got in rebellion as a teenager. However I didn’t know it was a “tramp stamp” but I do now! The other one is on my left wrist and is a vine with stars on. I love them both and would love some more but I hate how everyone has tattoos now and they are commonplace.


3. I am never satisfied with my hair and I get so bored of the colour. This usually leads to me making a dramatic change (sometimes it goes horribly wrong!) and regretting it almost instantly.


4. I had a surrogate baby for a family member. I have a son and a daughter and had finished my family so I made the decision to have a baby for a family member. It was the most rewarding thing I have ever done and it makes me so proud every day to have been able to do it.


5. I suffer from fibromyalgia after having an accident at work in 2012. It basically hits me like a tonne of bricks and I spend months picking myself up again but I always bounce back. It will not get the better of me and I refuse to stop being “Christine” and let the condition take me over.


6. I am a mature student. Over the past few years I have studied a wide variety of things. I am currently studying through the Open University for a degree in Environmental Studies. I have also studied/am currently studying hairdressing, beauty therapy and dressmaking.


Favourite song

7. My favourite song is “rooms on fire” by Stevie Nicks. I love Fleetwood Mac and seen them in the 3arena in Dublin a couple of years ago. I am a big fan of sixties and seventies music and much prefer it to any other kinds.



8. I own (and ride) a Kawasaki vn900 motorbike. When I became ill I decided that I needed to do things before they became impossible so I went and got my motorbike test. Im not saying that I am “Hells Angels” material but I do enjoy a ride out and like to go to various events around the country when I feel able.



9. I love to travel. I am always looking out for different places to go and things to do or see. Truly I love broadening my horizons and always think that the world really is my oyster. It is my dream to travel back to America and do a ride out around Las Vegas / Arizona for my fortieth birthday.

Bad Habits

10. Bad Habits. I have never bitten my nails. Previously, I used to smoke but I quit cold turkey about 6 years ago and have honestly never looked back. Admittedly I drink bourbon or gin (not together I may add haha) and could easily drink a bottle in one sitting. Not sure if I should be proud of that but I’m putting it under bad habits so there you go lol.


Anyway thats my ten things. I hope that you have a better insight to me now. I just admit that writing this has been quite an eyeopener as there was many many more things I would have written. Awk well I will just save them for another day ……


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