Gifts I got for Christmas 2018

I have been super blessed this year (Christmas 2018) and received some amazing gifts from friends and family. My inner circle is very small and intimate so gift buying and giving is very nicely tailored to each person.

Ho Ho Ho.

Alexa Echo Dot

Alexa Echo Dot – I have been playing with “Alexa” for the past few days now and I love her. She recognises my voice really well and I have found her to be useful at telling me things like the news and weather as well as playing songs, telling jokes and playing me whale noises to help me sleep. The Echo dot was very easy to set up and I was able to do it all from my phone. I simply downloaded the app and have lists, alarms and reminders set up – yay! Owen has been having lots of fun with her too although she doesn’t always recognise his sense of humour! lol

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil diffuser – I have been having loads of trouble sleeping lately so when my mum asked what I would like for Christmas I said that I would love a diffuser that I could use with essential oils to relax me and help me sleep. We found one on Amazon for a bargain that just happened to work alongside the Echo Dot (although I haven’t had a moment yet to synchronise them!) Its great and can again be controlled either on the unit itself or through the app on your phone. I ordered some oils from amazon which were premixed to use and I love it! You can find them here.

Travel Document Holder

Travel document holder – we all know I am off travelling very soon and my sister thought this would be an essential for the journey. I completely agree and actually had my hand on the same one in Debenhams a fews weeks ago but somethings made me pause as I knew with Christmas there was a likelihood of me getting some travel bits. It is a perfect size and the is lots of room for passports, tickets and other documents we will need.

Year Planner

Year Planner – What a great idea for a Christmas gift! This planner has sections for each month, day and also give you room to plan out for the month in advance so you can be super organised! I love this as usually I am scrabbling around my phone for all the vital day to day information. This will solve all them issues and help me plan out our homeschool journey better as well. I would highly recommend an actual planner like this one for visual people (of which I am definitely one!).

Gin Mixers

Gin mixers. Oh my gosh I cannot wait to get my cocktail shaker lit up with these babies! I love a good gin although it has been ages since I have had one. I love mixing cocktails as well and my lil gang of friends are somewhat sick to the teeth of “Christine and her random cocktail days” – I don’t know why lol. Anyway I am drinking these ALL myself and sticking my tongue out to anyone who dares comment on it ha!

Bath Bits and bobs

Bath bits and bobs – Again with heading away it has been impossible for my family and friends to buy me like house gifts or whatever so I ended up with a gorgeous selection of shampoo, conditioner, bath/shower mousse and body lotions – all perfect for packing in our case (yes we are only taking ONE case eek!!) Sophie also got be a great lil travel brush which will be perfect for my birds nest lol.

Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket – finally a gift from me to me (well Owen claims he bought it too so . . . .) I’ve wanted a new leather for ages and when I seen this beauty on ASOS down to £81 I jumped and ordered it. I will be taking it stateside with me as I can’t leave biker Christine at home completely.

leather jacket


And there you have it. My quick little run down of the main gifts I received this year. I feel very lucky and privileged to have such great family and friends and I am going to miss them loads when we head off.

What did you get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.




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