Sex when you are plus sized

Sex when you are plus sized. As you guys know I am never shy when it comes to tackling the more taboo issues on here. Recently I was chatting to a girl friend and the subject of sex came up. We got chatting back to our teenage years when “more” magazine had the sexual position of the week.



As a plus-sized woman it can be more difficult for me to carry out the more adventurous positions shall we say. However when you add my fibromyalgia into the mix then things can really take a turn for the worse.


So here is my guide to having the most fun you can in the bedroom no matter what size you are or whatever your capabilities are!


Find someone you have a connection with

This is quite simply the most important thing. When you are with someone who gives you stomach butterflies and makes you feel, for want of a better word, horny then that’s when things become the most fun.

Forget about what you look like

The best time can happen with or without the lights on. If you feel better with them off then so be it. However it can be great to have low lighting and get to see what (and who!) you are doing. Lighting a candle can be perfect for creating mood lighting.


Dress confidently

There is absolutely no point wearing something that is restrictive and uncomfortable. Sex is about letting go of your inhibitions. How can you do that when all you can think of is the tight corset or the uncomfortable negligee  you have on?

Keep things relaxed

Start thing off casually by getting into the shower or bath with your other half and gently washing their back or soaping up their hair.  If your disability causes you to need help in the shower or bath then getting intimate in the water can be a way to keep things fun and light for into the mood with your other half.


Remember that no matter how confident the other person seems that they have the same insecurities as you do!


Massage can be perfect for heating things up

You don’t have to have fancy skills here and some baby oil (Johnston’s baby make a gel oil which is perfect!) and some light back and neck rubbing can be hot and sensual. Keep it light to the touch as too hard can be uncomfortable and cause pain and discomfort.



Check out the NHS website for tips on keeping your sexual health in tip top condition – always stay safe!

But most of all have fun!

Until next time,

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