Sunbeds? Yes I use them …. for my chronic pain

Sunbeds. Love them or hate them there is one on every high street. Even with all the scary stories, we hear about skin cancer we still love them.


In the past, I have used sunbeds on a regular basis to get a nice tan. I have also booked one to have at the house for a month before going on holidays. I even bought a second-hand one once. Which my husband kept in the divorce – thank you!


Anyway. I know all the risks. You are more likely to get melanoma skin cancer by up to 20% by using sunbeds. It’s a high risk. But is it worth it? Check out the facts on sunbeds at



I have fibromyalgia. This is chronic widespread pain. I never have a day where I am not in pain. It is constant and when my mental health is poor my pain gets worse. My pain is also exacerbated by stress. Spending time in hot climates provides me with much relief. However, the flip side is that I have light sensitivity. This means I can spend days in the dark as I find the light irritates me. Its a no win situation.


I have spent years on cocktails of prescription medication. Trying different combinations of pills in order to give me a little more relief than the last set. Trying in vain to find something that makes my life bearable and even dare I say it liveable? I have to be careful with alternative therapies. Some of them disagree with my medication. I have to check with my medical professionals if I can try something alternative.


Diets, vitamins, lotions, potions and all the rest – none of them gives me anything to write home about. Yes, they cost money but I don’t see the benefits. I have spent literally thousands of pounds on nothing! It can be very demoralising when you don’t see the benefits of your investments.

Alternative therapy

Recently I have been using tanning beds for health reasons. A 5-minute session is more than enough to give me the benefits of pain relief as well as improve my mental health. The UV light is essential for increasing the production of Vitamin D in my body. This keeps our bones, muscles and teeth healthy. It does this by helping us to absorb calcium.


The UV light is also a major player in Mental Health and Wellbeing. Light improves our mood. This leads to making us feel better and happier. As someone who is super sensitive to the light, I can honestly say that the 5 minutes is bearable and I feel better after.

The end cost

And the cost? Mere pennies for the session but what for your long term health? I have had a cancer scare in the past. But I live in pain and fear every day. I know that there is no cure for fibromyalgia. I hope that by being aware of the risks that I am more aware to look out for skin cancer. It is worth it to me if I get the long term pain relief.


Where do you stand on this issue? Would you pay this price or is it too high?


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