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    Sensual Sorcery by Stella Ralfini

    I recently got my hands of the new book by Stella Ralfini, Sensual Sorcery. I was initially put off by the name as I thought it may be a little ‘hocus pocus’ for my liking. However, after reading the first few pages, I was hooked! At 72, Stella looks stunning! She credits her health to her homemade recipes which use essential oils. The books tag line reads ‘Natural Beauty and Health Recipes.’ Sensual Sorcery is crammed full of natural recipes for all skin care concerns. This is Stella’s third book.   Stella has compiled an easy to follow guide detailing her favourite recipes for natural beauty. She believes that you…

  • Natural World coconut shampoo and conditioner

    Summer Hair Care . . . I’m coco-nutty about it!

    Natural World Haircare This past few weeks, I have been trying out the Natural World Coconut range.   Not only does it smell lush, but the smell takes me to sunny beaches and blue skies. I have bleached blonde hair which dries out like crazy in the hot weather leaving it crisp and dry. Not the ideal look I must admit! So will this live up to my expectations? Let’s see.   About the brand Natural World hair is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. There are no nasties in there and the range is also free from parabens, phosphates, phthalates, dyes and gluten. The coconut smell is so good! This is because…

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    Perfect Wedding Guest Outfits when you are plus size AND on a budget

    Perfect Wedding Guest Outfits when you are plus size AND on a budget I don’t know about you but social events tend to fill me with dread. It is nothing to do with the event itself although my anxiety does be a factor here. No, its the thought that I now need to trawl round the shops to find the perfect outfit. Stack that alongside the fact that I have a big bum, huge boobs and upper arms to rival the hulk and you have a real problem. High street stores simply don’t have the range of sizes available to suit and boot me as a wedding guest.   And…

  • ace gentle bleach products7

    ACE Laundry Products

    ACE Laundry Products. Laundry It’s my nemesis.   In fact, I don’t think I’ve met anyone who says “Ohh I love doing the laundry” I dislike laundry when it is a straightforward affair so you can imagine my disdain when stains are involved. As a busy mum, I seem to spend way too much time wrestling with the washing machine and dryer. This is the time I should be spending relaxing or playing with the kids. That’s when I turn to Ace Clean UK. Their fantastic range of products makes laundry a breeze. Best of all the range starts at only £2 so it is friendly on the pocket as…

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    Bacon and Lentil Soup

    This recipe for Bacon and lentil soup is a quick and easy meal that will suit all tastes. Soups are a great way to introduce ‘hidden vegetables’ to children. You can cook the vegetables off and blitz them up in a food processor or blender before adding back to the mix. Adding potato can help to thicken the soup as well. Ingredients Pack cooking bacon Bag carrots (sliced) Bag potatoes ( cut up into bitesize chunks) Two onions (finely chopped) Two chicken stock cubes or pots Cup of lentils Salt and pepper to taste Method Cut the bacon into bitesize pieces and fry off in a pan with the onions…

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    Tufferman Shelving

    Tufferman Shelving Now that we are coming into the summer months I think that we all take mad notions to clean out and tidy up sheds and garages. This may involve filling the boot of the car with empty paint cans, broken pieces of patio furniture or stray bin bags of random junk.   I love a good clear out but equally, I find the satisfaction of organising rooms equally as fulfilling.   Tufferman is an online company which help to ‘simplify storage.’ They provide storage solutions to sheds, garages and even attics. The Shelving I recently got my hands on their best selling STORALEX VRS BAYS. These shelves are…