New York Part 2 – 2019

Guys welcome back to New York Part 2!


Monday 21/1/19

Today we visited Woodbury Common. This is a huge designer outlet mall outside New York. It usually costs around $50 return per person. However I had been shopping on Groupon and got us a return for only $27 each! Bargain!

We bought fresh turkey wraps, fruit and drinks ($17) to eat for breakfast on the bus. Shopping is hungry work and I wasn’t stopping for anyone! We got the Shoreline bus which is the same company that brought us in from the Airport. I was, again, impressed with the condition of the coaches.

My only gripe would be that the bus broke down on the way home.  We were massively delayed (3 hours!). No one can be held accountable for that so I guess it doesn’t count!

Woodbury Common

We visited most of the shops at Woodbury Common. It was laid out beautifully and there was a great flow to the layout. Owen bought some trainers in Puma for $27. We bought Sophie some Calvin Klein goodies $44.

I treated myself to some makeup at Bare Minerals. We also got great bargains in Lucky Brand ($55) and American Eagle ($55).

Subsequently we finished the day with a trip to McDonalds ($25) before heading back to the bus.

By the time we finally got back to Manhattan it was late. We treated ourselves to some Carlos cake and cannolis. He is of “Cake boss” fame and I have to say the food was lush!

The subway took us back to our hotel where we crashed for the night.

Tuesday 22/1/19

Today it was back to Brooklyn. Yes for more Rainbow Bagels! This time Owen had one too. Honestly I would have gone back just for the coffee but the bagel was a nice accompaniment! Two rainbow bagels, a hot chocolate and a coffee was only $20!

We then stopped at the dollar store in Brooklyn to stock up on supplies such as shampoo, etc ($17).

We then headed to Dumbo to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. This involved us heading way out and then changing subway to come back into Brooklyn. Honestly we were so far out of the city the subway was above ground. Also the city was a distant dot on the horizon! EEEK!

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge was AH-Mazing! I loved every minute of it although it was freezing cold (wind chill).

Even Owen loved it. The views were great and it was so nice to see Manhattan and Brooklyn from a different angle.

Lady Liberty

Back in Manhattan we headed for the Staten Island Ferry. I wanted Owen to go on the ferry and he wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. Sure enough we headed for the ferry through Battery Park and he got to see her. The view from the ferry was amazing as well – even better than the park.

On Staten Island we had some pizza and cheese fries. Owen then wanted hot chocolate and we got cookies to go with. This kept us going when we returned on the ferry. We then walked through Wall Street towards Times Square. In fact we made it up to Herald Park. I found Target and we did a little shop ($40) in there buying drinks etc for the room.

After all that walking we were exhausted so we headed back towards the hotel. I went back out again to drop our laundry off at the laundromat ($11).

Wednesday 23/1/19

As I mentioned our hotel was in Chinatown and we hadn’t really explored the area around it. So today we headed across the road for brunch at the Butchers Daughter.

This restaurant was vegetarian with a vegan menu available if required. I would also point out that I was shocked that CBD was available to be added to drinks! I had the avocado toast which was to die for! Owen had breakfast tacos which he liked and a smoothie which he didn’t. Brunch ran to $60 which I thought was pricey.

Instagram Influence

Especially as we headed round the corner to Pietro Nolita for a #pinkasfuck cup. A coffee and a hot chocolate ran to $14 here. The coffee was not good! But the payoff was the cup.

We then set off walking back towards Herald Square. The Macy’s Department store from Miracle on 34th Street is here and I wanted a nosey. Owen had also looked up an Anime Shop which we headed to as well.

We passed the Flatiron on our travels today. It is such a strange building! But really great to see in the flesh!

Lunch was from Shake Shack ($34).

I then spent some time in Old Navy. They have an amazing range in store and I got some lovely pieces of knitwear. I spent $63 and got so much for my money.

Groupon for the win

Another Groupon deal I had picked up was tickets to the Big Apple Circus. This is located at the Lincoln Center.

Our subway travel for today cost $18 as our 7 day ticket had expired. Owen spent $5 on a toy car and crisps at Kmart.

I also spent $8 on another load of laundry. As this is it washed, dried, ironed and folded it is money well spent!

Thursday 24/1/19

After the extensive walking of the past few days we spent the day chilling. We took a walk round the neighbourhood.

We also got showered and sorted out our room – believe me it was a mess!

Around 1pm we headed out to catch the subway to Times Square. We headed to Juniors for some cheesecake and lunch. Owen and I both ordered the Ribs and Chicken. It was delicious! We each had a strawberry shake as well! We finished off with some strawberry cheesecake. The entire bill came to $90 including tax and tip but it was delicious.

After we bought some souvenirs, Owen wants to collect a deck of cards from each place we go. We collected our laundry and headed home for an early night as we are leaving for Philadelphia tomorrow.

Subway travel cost us $6 today.

Friday 25/1/19

Today we leave New York! I am so sad to be leaving but excited for Philadelphia.

I spend the morning packing up our cases. Its a struggle! We make it to Port Authority for our Greyhound bus with plenty of time to spare.

My boots have been damaged during the week so I leave them into the menders at the station to fix. He charges me $20 but they are better than new – yes!

I buy Owen a brunch of cereal, milk, banana, sandwiches and juice to keep him filled up on the bus. It is two hours travel and the bus leaves at 2pm.


Boarding the bus was seamless. Our bags are loaded for us and we find seats no problem. The coach is comfortable and we have wifi and a charging port.

Off to Philadelphia we go!

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