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Flight prices have been coming down. In fact there have been huge fare battles between the airlines offering cut price tickets to popular destinations especially in the United States. Norwegian Airlines are one of these such airlines. They recently (2017) commenced their Dublin to Stewart Airport which is just outside New York City. With fares as low as €99 and even less during promotional offers is it too good to be true?

Booking online was a doddle ( ) A confirmation email was sent and that was it. I didn’t need to print anything off. I decided to add another piece of luggage after and I simply logged on and completed the change with no bother. Child’s play! 

Norwegian Airlines have an app which you can download to your phone. This means you have your booking information easily to hand. Although I didn’t need it, it was good to know I had it.

Dublin Airport

Dublin airport is the only airport in Europe to have US customs pre-clearance. This means no hefty delays waiting to clear customs after you arrive in the United States. It’s simply another security check to go through before you board with a US Customs official asking questions about your upcoming trip. They may take your picture on a webcam and possibly your fingerprints but this is all painless and you can clear the customs quite easily. I should point out that you need to make sure you have no banned food packed in your hand luggage. We lost our just purchased sandwiches as they contained bacon! Bear in mind that travel to the United States requires an ESTA which you can apply for and pay online.

Norwegian Airlines fly from terminal 2 at Dublin Airport. This terminal is much more compact than terminal 1. The gates are much closer and it takes very little time to reach your gate from the check in desks. Customer service at the check in desk was amazing. I was positively asked about our needs for the flight before being issued with our boarding cards. 

The plane itself

The plane we travelled on was a Boeing 747 ✈️(B737-8Max) and had two rows across the plane with 3 seats 💺 in each row. The seats were spacious and reclined. They were leather covered and had a seat pocket for storage. Norwegian Airlines also have a compartment in the back of the headrest for their magazine and safety card. 

There were 4 cabin crew on board and they were all very helpful and friendly (even when we encountered some extremely rough turbulence).

The plane was clean and well ventilated. I was able to snooze comfortably for over an hour of the journey without any disturbance. The onboard meals were served promptly. Drinks service was impeccable even when the turbulence caused it to be halted for a while.

Boarding was completed quickly and there were no delays. Takeoff was smooth and promptly on time. The cabin crew carried out the safety demonstration without fuss. They also kept the passengers informed at all times over the tannoy regarding any issues or the availability of snacks and drinks.

Landing and baggage collection

The landing was so smooth that I had to check to see that we had actually touched down. We then disembarked the plane without any delay and made our way straight through to baggage collection.

Luggage arrived promptly without any delay. There was no damage to either of my bags nor did there seem to be any damage to any of the bags on the carousel.

Stewart airport was easy to navigate and it took only a couple of minutes to exit after collecting our baggage.

The coach transfer into Manhattan was waiting on our flight. It takes just over one hour to travel into the city although this may be longer at peak times.

The coach can be booked online here. It is around $20 one way into New York City and the journey takes around 1 hour.

As a low cost airline I would highly rate Norwegian airlines. There were truly no bad points about the flight and I would comfortably travel with them again. 

Norwegian Airlines also fly from Dublin to Providence (Boston) and are Constantine expanding their routes.

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