Stena Line Trip

Last weekend we took a trip with Stena Line to Liverpool.

I’ve been wanting to go for quite a while and when Stena Line announced their fiver fever back in March I jumped at the chance to book.

Foot Passengers

We decided to bite the bullet and travel as foot passengers.

Anytime I’ve been by boat before in the past it’s been as a car driver. Think drive to boat, drive onto boat, drive off boat and on your way type thing.

I had these preconceived ideas that a foot passenger was a whole lot of hassle with lots of walking, waiting and wishing. Wishing you had never gone of course!

Not to mention all the luggage to cart around!

The Challenge

I like a challenge and I must admit that I was apprehensive as the date of travel approached. I considered cancelling “sure it was only a fiver.” Or changing to a car booking “suddenly the bargain weekend gets complicated.” In the end we decided that we would brave the foot passenger traffic as originally agreed.

The journey to the port was seamless.

The Stena ferry link from Belfast was well signposted and we navigated our way to the terminal without even encountering a red traffic light. I was able to park my car securely at the passenger terminal and relax.

Ferry Terminal

The ferry terminal itself is spacious and clean.

We checked in immediately and made our way through to the passenger lounge where we could buy coffee or snacks if we wished.

However it was a beautiful day outside so we made our way out to wait for the bus to take us onto the ferry. There was a luggage car available to pack our luggage on to save us the hassle of having to take it on board.

The shuttle bus arrived within 10 minutes and we were on board within 15!

When we arrived onboard we were greeted by a member of staff and guided to the Stena Plus Lounge at the front of the ship.

We sailed on the Stena Lagan.

The Lounge

The lounge is accessible only by keying in the code we were provided with at check in. This code can be used time and time again as we came and went from the lounge.

The Lounge is beautiful. Inside is soft, comfortable chairs and clean spacious booths with complimentary magazines and newspapers to pass the time.
A personal Waiter dedicated to the Lounge is on hand and believe me when I say that nothing is too much trouble for these guys.
There is a television in the corner with a choice of tv stations and blankets are also provided if needed.
A huge selection of soft drinks, teas, coffees, wines, fruit juices and milk or water are available to enjoy free of charge not to mention alcohol free beer.
The selection of snack varies depending on the time of day. Breakfast includes fruit shot, granola with yoghurt and Danish pastries whereas lunch includes nuts, olives and afternoon tea sized cakes.
There is also fresh fruit and crisps available as well as cookies and chocolates all day long. All these were included in the price of the Plus Lounge price.


The Plus Lounge also includes an exclusive menu. This menu was simple yet elegant and I can say that the choices were delicious.
We enjoyed the Burger, Lasagne and the Thai green curry on our journey and each one was delicious. There was also meatballs, fish & chips and soup to name but a few other choices.
The menu is very reasonably priced as well and each meal costs around £11-12 depending on choices. Portion size is fantastic and we were well satisfied.

Gift Shop

Stena Line Lagan had a small but fully stocked gift shop with an on board selection of newspapers and magazines, toys, perfumes & toiletries as well as electronics, books and jewellery.
I treated myself to a lovely little charm bracelet for the neat little price of £10. There were also amazing offers on Kurt Geiger sunglasses and selected perfumes.


The selection of entertainment on board the Stena Line was great.
Not only do they have several areas with fruit machines, poker machines and even a ride on motorbike simulation game, they also have FOUR computer terminals with free internet.
There was also a cinema showing 3 different films including Pitch Perfect 3, Thor:Ragnarok and Jumanji. These were free of charge and the cinema was cool, comfortable and clean.
There were tray tables and reclining seats which made me feel like I was back at home curled up on the couch!

The Journey

The journey to Liverpool and back was smooth and time passed very quickly. I was comfortable at all times and I enjoyed spending time out on the deck looking out at the ocean.
Stena Line offer a selection of cabins for crossings and having used these in the past I would thoroughly recommend these to anyone especially those travelling with children.
Inside the cabin there are comfortable beds, fresh towels and an ensuite with a toilet and shower.
In closing I would certainly travel by foot again. The journey was seamless and I could not fault any part of it.
All of the port and ships staff were exceedingly polite and helpful. We were guided carefully through every part of the journey and kept well informed at every stage.
Access to the Lounge costs in the region of £22 and to me it is worth every single penny. With unlimited drinks and snacks in a comfortable surrounding for 8 hours each way it is such good value for money.
I know that I will be travelling in the Plus Lounge from now on and I hope that you will have the good sense to join me.


Disclaimer: I paid for the ferry tickets myself and was gifted the upgrade to the Stena Plus Lounge. I was no under obligation to review my journey positively and all opinions expressed above are my own.

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